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Gecsotor™ System: New Opportunities for Aircraft

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17 Jun 2019, 10 GMT+10

The ground-breaking invention of European engineers has everything it takes not only to become a game changer in the aircraft industry and space exploration but also to bring the science of aerial navigation to a whole new level. We've already calculated the success of the implementation of the Gecsotor™ system in light and cargo vehicles, water transport and submarines. The estimated figures are truly impressive. Moreover, the introduction of this smart system in cargo and passenger aircraft offers benefits at least equal to those for the ground and water transport.

Among the stars

The operation principle of Gecsotor™ is based on controlling the position of an object in space by means of storage and subsequent use of the kinetic energy generated by coupled flywheels or power systems in combination with the gyroscopic action. Meanwhile, the system itself acts as a lever, which makes it possible to perform the required actions: rotation, position locking, and torque compensation regardless of environmental conditions and the coordinate system used. This opens up really incredible horizons for spaceships that were previously unattainable. Among them, it is worth highlighting the following aspects:

- Better launch vehicle control during the penetration of dense atmosphere layers;

- Spacecraft acceleration in circumsolar orbit at an angle to the solar wind (this applies to spaceships with solar sail propulsion);

- Position locking and rotation of heavy objects in any direction at the defined time; for instance, during coupling;

- Ability to fine-tune the travel direction when approaching other spacecraft;

- Giving space debris the desired direction of movement in order to burn it in the atmosphere;

- The landing of reusable launch-vehicles without the use of rocket fuel.

Aerial navigation

Gecsotor™ offers enormous potential for the safety of cargo and passenger aircraft. The ground-breaking system makes it possible to safely and reliably control various flying machines, including stealth aircraft. With this system, the coupled motor-generator could work without power feed during an emergency.

The system can be effectively used in all kinds of flying machines, even in aircraft with vertical takeoff, including convertiplanes and helicopters. The system is also a game changer in the field of UAVs, where artificial intelligence meets modular approach to aircraft construction. Among many other apparent advantages, it is worth to mention the following aspects:

- Improvement of flight quality by means of aerodynamic performance optimization of the aircraft;

- The possibility to land and takeoff from shorter airstrips;

- Increased stability and torque compensation during nose-ups, tilting, and other emergency conditions.

- Ability to change the path of motion of the vehicle without the use of the steering wheel, ailerons, or engines with adjustable thrust vector;

- The system makes it impossible to turn-over in any weather conditions;

- Full motion control during hypersonic flight and other conditions that involve altered aerodynamics.

These and many other safety features will drastically reduce the number of accidents and lead to a paradigm shift in the aircraft industry. This would lead to some serious cost saving, so there is no wonder why Gecsotor™ attracts the interest of many foreign investors. There is no doubt that the introduction of the system will soon become the subject of national importance. The application of the invention in the aerospace field would save thousands of lives, as well as bring substantial income to companies and national budgets of many leading countries of the world.

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